Att ansöka till Cambridge

Jag mailade några frågor till Cambridge om deras ansökningsformulär, dels till Cambridge Admissions Office, dels till Trinity College (som är det College på Cambridge som jag söker till). Trinitys svar var exemplariska, men här är några exempel på CAOs intetsägande svar:

Pelli: First and foremost, how should I write my name on the dark tab running down the first page? It says "Surname/Initials", does it mean I'm supposed to write "[namn/initial.initial.]"? My name is "[pelli]".

Please enter your details along the side of the application form and where it asks for the same on the front page.

Pelli: How is my referee supposed to state my predicted grades? Should it be an overall grade, or should he write in detail which courses I'm taking and what grades he expects me to achieve? (page 3)

My referee is my mentor, my chemistry teacher and also a biology teacher. What should he fill in as his position?

CAO: You need to provide academic references written by teachers who know you well and can support your application.

Pelli: Your instructions say "EU students MUST apply for assessment through the DfES". Does that mean I should write "DfES" as "Source of financial support" on page 2 and if so, what option in UCAS's apply shall I pick (I can't find DfES)? If I'm not sure, can I select "99 Not Known" and write the same on the CAF, or will it affect my application in a negative way?

CAO: Regarding your financial situation, you need to confirm how you will support yourself and pay for the tuition fee, whether this be by parents or by Government student loans.

Pelli: On page 4, the instructions say "Enter information on examinations..." but we don't have any kind of final exams in Sweden. Does that mean I'm supposed to leave the page completely blank? 
The secondary school transcript, is it supposed to contain only the courses I have already taken and received a grade in or should it also contain the courses I am currently taking or planning to take this year?

CAO: Regarding your qualifications you will need to list all the subjects you have taken with any result available, including the date you took them.

Dock fick de två frågor rätt:

Pelli: Can I attach the application fee in bank notes?

CAO: If you are happy to include bank notes, this is an acceptable form of payment.

Pelli: Finally, I wonder if you have an "example application" filled in, so that one can get a hint of how things are to be done. That would help me a lot, especially if it were an application "from Sweden", since the biggest problems are due to the difference between the educational systems.

CAO: I am afraid I am unable to provide a sample of a completed Cambridge Application Form, as the only ones we have our completed by existing students, and under our Data Protection Law, we not allowed to share. 


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